Awakening Dormant DNA to uncover Hidden Talents and Life Purpose.

DNA Activation
Awakening Dormant DNA to uncover Hidden Talents and Life Purpose

Your Challenge:

DNA Activation can benefit you if you are constantly struggling with issues concerning your life-purpose, connection to Source, full self-expression, or self-empowerment. If you often feel like you are not fulfilling your potential, or that you were meant to achieve levels of greatness that have so far eluded you, you can unlock your highest potential by awakening and activating a portion of your DNA which is lying dormant using the DNA Activation process.

Spiritual Tools:

Ancient metaphysical teachings reveal that the original divine blueprint for humans consisted of a multi-dimensional multi-stranded DNA. At present, however, most humans only have about 3-5% of their DNA turned on, the rest lies dormant. The DNA Activation is a specific process that translates a new light pattern to the master cell of the pineal gland awakening 12 physical and 12 spiritual strands of your DNA, for a total of 24. << DNA Activation FAQ >>

Practical Solutions:

Miracles are occurring everyday as scientists unlock the mysteries of human DNA. Beyond the physical aspects of our DNA are spiritual DNA aspects as well. By awakening and activating the spiritual parts our DNA we can:

  • Gain greater access to our full potential
  • More fully align with our life’s purpose and work
  • Use more of our brain capacity
  • Achieve a heightened sense of clarity, intuition, and direction
  • Awaken latent talents and gifts
  • Release and transform stored negative emotions
  • Enhance immune function
  • Boost your energy


DNA Activation Process Description:

DNA Activation is done through etheric surgery. The etheric layer sits about one inch away from the skin and holds the power of the wills - The Will of God, The Will of the Universe, and Your Personal Will. During the process, the etheric layer from the base of the skull down to the middle of the back following the etheric spine is opened and 12 receptor sites, called codons, are illuminated with light with a crystal wand. This activates 22 of the 24 strands.

The final two strands are activated by going back into one of the codons and illuminating the Spirit, Soul and Physical Body connections of our Past and Present which connect all that you have been, and all that you will be, to the elements of who you are now.

The entire protocol includes the DNA Activation, Crown Chakra Cap removal, and the balancing of Elemental, Magnetic, and Etheric Energies as well as the removal of any negative and etheric crystals.


To get more of an explanation and see a DNA Activation in action, watch the video below...