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yvette Soler is an international healer, teacher of Practical Spirituality, and founder of Eternal Light Energy. Her background as a project manager, quality specialist, music engineer, performer, business owner, and event producer in the corporate world and the arts, endows her with experiences common to all who are on a journey in the material world. Her spiritual experience endows her with the knowledge of how to create changes in one’s situation using Energy Work, Hermetic Magick, Sacred Geometry and Kabbalah.  Her understanding from these realms gives her a unique insight into situations faced by those who come to her for both material and spiritual guidance.  

26 febrero 2011 – 26 February 2011yvette combines spirituality and common sense to help clients integrate simple strategies to manifest powerful, positive life changes.  Practical Spirituality is about connecting your spiritual essence to your daily life activities in easy to use, fun ways . 

yvette offers spiritually-based problem solving techniques, practical advice, and solutions to life blocks and obstacles to those seeking help with:

~ Living your life purpose and fulfilling your dreams
~ Balancing needs and wants in order to find emotional freedom
~ Diagnosing and healing the source of dis-ease
~ How to develop a connection with your intuition and inner guidance
~ Confusion, anxiety, and stuckness


Within these pages you will find practical solutions to everyday challenges.  Not sure what you need? Here are some simple options:

If you would like to deepen your knowledge in a specific area, browse through the list Workshops and Study Groups yvette leads via Classes
If you are looking for advice on a specific question, receive personalized, spiritual advice via yvette's advice forum Inspirations from Binah
If you are not sure what you are looking for and would like to have a guided, spiritual consultation, yvette is available for frank Spiritual Discussions.


When you are ready to take that first step onto a new path, yvette will be ready to help you start living the life you’ve always dreamed of having.



A message from yvette:
“My purpose in life is simple: to inspire you to make your dreams come true!"